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Asian-inspired tattoos are often very detailed and very beautiful. When you're looking for a stock or custom pattern that highlights details, delicate features, and cultural influence, you're in the right place.

Detailed beauty


Numerous sizes and styles

Whether you want a small design or something large and intricate, we can handle any request. Locations and sizes include arm and leg sleeves, shoulder, rib, or thigh panels, and chest and pack pieces.

•  Koi fish

•  Cherry blossoms

•  Buddha

•  Lotus

•  Dragons

•  War dogs

•  Samurais

•  Geishas

•  Lanterns

Common themes include:


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Add a little culture to your life

When a traditional tattoo won't do, we're pleased to offer you a wide selection of Japanese designs. Based on classic elements of Eastern culture, our experienced artists can bring beauty and grace to the tattoo of your choosing.


The Japanese have a long history of handmade items and creatures allow for unique designs that capture your vision. No matter what you have in mind, we're happy to create it for you.

All of our artists are trained and experienced, as well as trained in disease and bloodborne pathogen safety.


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